Its been 11 years so I would like to say Happy Holidays to all and enjoy the new site redesign.

Happy Holidays and 11th!

May Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness be yours during this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year. Enjoy the holidays and have fun!

Happy Holidays!

The month of December 2014 marks the 10 year anniversary of TA. It all started as an idea and it became a sweet reality. Thanks to all the supporters and the naysayers we accomplished what we have set to. I am happy that we are still alive and active. Happy […]

It’s been 10 years

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the festivities and have a wonderful and festive holiday!

Happy Turkey Day!

In order to fix the “FlashCtrl error[ eNotInstallFlash ] !” error in RaidCall you will need to go ahead and install Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer. You are probably using other browsers and have Adobe Flash Player installed but that will not resolve your issue. You need to install […]

Flash error in RaidCall Fix

Happy to announce the long overdue website overhaul. Enjoy and stay tuned for new features and content.

Complete Site Redesign

Here is the link to the step-by-step instructions of how to create and use a strong FREE certificate for Mumble:

Mumble: How to get a strong certificate

The month of December marks the 7 year of tA.`s existence. Yeah it has been that long and we are still into killing virtual avatars and shredding pixelated blood. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting us and rooting against us during those years. Happy 7th b-day and […]

December marks the 7th

Match against cod:k / codename:killers on 11.06.2011 League: TPG Result: 110:174 dod_railroad_b2110 : 174 tA. team: erroneous_, Meinhart, Rm^, bait, CHRONIC, mensen cod:k team:

DoD: TPG-O 6v6 S26 Finals