tA. is an electronic sports organization dedicated to competitive and casual online gaming. Established in December of 2004 we are here to stay and collaborate with creative, professional and committed individuals. “tA. be more!”™

Achievements (most recent):

Team Fortress 2 Online 2011

– Team Warefare League (TWL: http://www.teamwarfare.com)

TWL NA 6v6[S8] tA. 5-3

Call Of Duty 4 Online 2009

– Team Warefare League (TWL: http://www.teamwarfare.com)

TWL5v5HCSD[S6] tA. 1-3

Day Of Defeat:Source Online 2008-2009

– Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL: http://caleague.com)

CAL[S10] tA. cal-o 3-5

Day Of Defeat 1.3 Online 2004-2008

– Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL: http://caleague.com)

CAL[S15] tA. cal-im (season canceled) 5-2
CAL[S16] tA. cal-o (quarter finals) 8-4
CAL[S17] tA. cal-o (finals) 8-4
CAL[S18] tA. cal-m (semi finals)
CAL[S19] tA. cal-m (playoffs)

– The Proving Grounds 6v6 (TPG: tpgleague.org)

TPG[S17] tA. tpg-m (playoffs) 6-3
TPG[S18] tA. tpg-upper
TPG[S19] tA. tpg-m (finals) 9-2

– The Proving Grounds 3v3 (TPG3v3: tpgleague.org)

TPG3v3[S4] tA. tpg-lower (playoffs)
TPG3v3[S5] tA.² tpg (playoffs)
TPG3v3[S7] tA. tpg-upper (semi finals)
TPG3v3[S8] tA. tpg-mid (finals)
TPG3v3[S8] tA.² tpg-mid (playoffs)
TPG3v3[S9] tA. tpg-upper (finals)
TPG3v3[S9] tA.² tpg-lower (finals)
TPG3v3[S10] tA.³ tpg-lower (playoffs)
TPG3v3[S10] tA.² tpg-upper (finals)
TPG3v3[S11] tA. tpg-upper (finals) 9-1
TPG3v3[S11] tA.² tpg-upper CHAMPIONS
TPG3v3[S11] tA.³ tpg-lower (playoffs)
TPG3v3[S12] tA. tpg (playoffs) 4-4
TPG3v3[S12] tA.² tpg CHAMPIONS 10-0
TPG3v3[S12] tA.³ tpg (playoffs)
TPG3v3[S13] tA. tpg (finals) 7-3
TPG3v3[S13] tA.² tpg (semi finals) 6-3

Counter-Strike 1.6 Online 2008

– Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL: http://caleague.com)

CAL[S22] tA.cs cal-im (playoffs)13-5

Counter-Strike 1.6 Lan 2008

– Digital Storm Lan `08 (DSL: http://www.digitalstormlan.com)

DSL[August,08] tA.cs 3rd Place

– Vancouver Lan `08 (VanLan: http://vanlan.ca)

VanLan[August,08] tA.cs 4th Place

Team Fortress 2 Online 2008

– Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL: http://caleague.com)

CAL[S2] tA.tf2 cal-o (TF26v6) 5-2


Day Of Defeat 1.3 Online Titles:

IGL-L (Season 11) and IGL-C (Season 13) 2006 Champions
TPG3v3 (S11 and S12) 2008 Champions

*** Some information is missing or might be slightly inaccurate. Date is generated based on league records, news posts, forum postings and memory recollection. Updates are pending and any input will be welcome. ***