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Adapt. Never follow! Done/Retired ------------------------ 2012 Day of Defeat ------------------------ TPG(S27) tA. tpg-im(qtr-finals) ------------------------ 2009 - 2010 Call Of Duty 4 ------------------------ TWL5v5HCSnD(S6) tA. 1-3 ------------------------ 2008 - 2009 Day Of Defeat: Source ------------------------ CAL(S10) tA. cal-o 3-5 ------------------------ 2004-2008 DOD1.3 ------------------------ CAL(S15) tA. cal-im CAL(S16) tA. cal-o(quater finals) 8-4 CAL(S17) tA. cal-o(finals) 8-4 CAL(S18) tA. cal-m(semi finals) CAL(S19) tA. cal-m(playoffs) TPG(S17) tA. tpg-m(playoffs) 6-3 TPG(S18) tA. tpg-upper TPG(S19) tA. tpg-m(finals) 9-2 TPG3v3(S4) tA. tpg-lower(playoffs) TPG3v3(S7) tA. tpg-upper(semi finals) TPG3v3(S8) tA. tpg-mid(finals) TPG3v3(S9) tA. tpg-upper(finals) TPG3v3(S11) tA. tpg-upper(finals),TA2 won TPG3v3(S12) tA. tpg(playoffs) TPG3v3(S13) tA. tpg(finals) IGL-L(S11) and IGL-C(S13) tA. `06 Champs ------------------------ 1999-2001 Counter Strike 1.5 ------------------------ Team: 'KN Masters' Jan 2001 CS1.5 4v4 Bulgarian National Inferno Lan Tournament Top 8(out of 160+ teams) ======================== Gaming Rig: CPU: i7-950 3.03Ghz Mobo: ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 Intel GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP RAM: Kingston HyperX 12GB (6 X 2GB) DDR3 SDRAM 1600MHz SDRAM 240-pin HDD: SSD 40G INTEL(Active) , 250GB Sata, 1TB Sata PSU: Ultra X4 - 1050 Watt, ATX Modular Monitor: Dell ST2410 24" Full HD Mouse: Mionix Naos 5000 Laser Gaming Mouse Keyboard: Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Cherry Red Mechanical Gaming Keyboard OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit [url=]tA. eSports Organization"[/url] [url=]mKnCreations"[/url]

The month of December marks the 7 year of tA.`s existence. Yeah it has been that long and we are still into killing virtual avatars and shredding pixelated blood. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting us and rooting against us during those years. Happy 7th b-day and […]

December marks the 7th

Match against [475th] / Merrill’s Marauders on 10.09.2011 League: TPG Result: 591:276 dod_lennon_b2 591 : 276 tA. team: erroneous_, TrooPeR, Machinemade, Meinhart, mensen, Rm^ [475th] team: TPG 6v6 Open Season 26 Week 7 Match details

DoD: TPG-O 6v6 S26 Week 7

Match against mfu / Magical Frolicking Unicorns on 10.06.2011 League:CEVO Result: 3:4 koth_pro_viaduct 3 : 4 tA. team: CHRONIC, Prime, WirelessFox mfu team: CEVO 6v6 Open Season 8 Week 2 Overtime Loss Match details

TF2: CEVO-O 6v6 S8 Wk 2

Our tf2 team just got its 1st win during the Season 8 opener in CEVO Open. They played against Fragophila and scored 5 points to 1. Match details below: Match against Fragophilia / Fragophilia on 09.29.2011 League: CEVO Result: 5:1 koth_pro_viaduct 5 : 1 tA. team: CHRONIC, KTB, WirelessFox, bwabwatbwat, […]

Good Start in CEVO

Match against b4l / blessed4life on 09.25.2011 League: TPG Result: 150:0 dod_harrington 150 : 0 tA. team: erroneous_, TrooPeR, Machinemade, Meinhart, mensen, Nick b4l team: TPG 6v6 Season 26 Open Week 5 Match details

TPG-O 6v6 S26 Week 5