Yes, you heard it right the first time we are back in Day of Defeat 1.3 because that game just won’t die. We have assembled a team for TPG League which is currently going strong with a 2 and 0 record in Open.

We are back in DoD

CommFT 6v6 Tournament is out of the group stages and our TF2 team is moving on to the 1st Round after finishing in second place with 6 pts and 2-1 record in Group 3. Now we will be facing The Weight Shakers on cp_warmfront. Group 3 Results – green advances […]

CommFT 6v6 Tournament

For better or worse or maybe just because of the simple fact that Mumble is what the “cool kids” use nowadays we are moving on to one of those “bad boy” VoIP servers/application. Mumble is different than Ventrilo but it is not that complicated to use. So we are going […]

Mumble it is!

The Issue: For the curious among you, this issue is caused by the new network throttling code Microsoft first introduced into its operating system with Windows Vista SP1. Because multimedia programs require more resources, the Windows networking stack implements a throttling mechanism to restrict the processing of non-multimedia network traffic […]

Mumble: How to Fix Ping Spikes in Win7/Vista