1 2 3 4 5 daaamn!

5 years of tA. ladies and gents no jokes. I almost forgot to make the announcement with all them holidays and whatnots. Its the month of December and the year is 2009 so 5 years since I/we started it all out and it still feels good. I am happy to be here at this “podium” making this announcement because progress is/was made and we are ever evolving and moving on towards the right direction. Happy 5th to all that cared, supported us, still care about and support us and for all them people that never understood what it is/was all about. Thank you all because every one of you contributed towards where we are now and what we were. Peace, happy holidays and happy new decade! We are here to stay, get your try pants on, twenty ten will be a whole new era so be ready for it.