Yearly Archives: 2011

The month of December marks the 7 year of tA.`s existence. Yeah it has been that long and we are still into killing virtual avatars and shredding pixelated blood. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting us and rooting against us during those years. Happy 7th b-day and […]

December marks the 7th

Our tf2 team just got its 1st win during the Season 8 opener in CEVO Open. They played against Fragophila and scored 5 points to 1. Match details below: Match against Fragophilia / Fragophilia on 09.29.2011 League: CEVO Result: 5:1 koth_pro_viaduct 5 : 1 tA. team: CHRONIC, KTB, WirelessFox, bwabwatbwat, […]

Good Start in CEVO