BFBC2 Beta is out!

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta is out as of Jan 28th and will be available for anyone who pre-purchase the game. Beta will end on Feb 25th and the full game will be released on March 2, 2010 in North America and March 5, 2010 in Europe. Here is some info on the beta followed with some kick ass footage:

[quote=]Map Name: Port Valdez
Players: 32 (online multiplayer only)
Game Mode: Rush

The battle for Port Valdez is fought alongside the waterline towards a great oil industrial landscape in the Alaskan mountains. Using basically everything they’ve got the Russian forces are launching an airborne assault to knock out the oil industries in the area. In their arsenal there are Main Battle Tanks as well as fast-moving Quad Bikes and mobile armored AA. It’s a vehicle focused battle, but with plenty of infantry combat.[/quote]