Argentan Tips

Tales from the Tip Jar : Argentan

After a brief intermission, I am back to bring you another round of tips. This time for the DoD:S standard map, Argentan.

Allied soldiers under General Patton are attempting to capture the town of Argentan and close the Falaise pocket to cut off the remainder of the German forces trying to escape the Cotentin Peninsula after the failure of the Wehrmacht counterattack. German infantry have been sent to the rear to hold off the Allies so the remainder of the Wehrmacht can escape to the east.

A whole new map designed specifically for Day of Defeat: Source, Argentan attempts to simulate an American assault on the town of Argentan. The map has two main routes, with smaller paths through buildings. One route is more suited to close quarters combat while the other is perfect for ranged combat and snipers. This map can become a brutal battlefield, taking heavy losses on both sides. However, the five points differ in difficulty. For instance, The last American point can prove relatively simple to capture due to the easy terrain, while the last German point, which is on high ground, can prove to be exceedingly complex.



Argentan is an excellent rifle map whether you are passive or agressive. This map being axis sided as allies off initial its all about your nade placements. If you can get a couple with well placed nades or even some stuns and quick kills you should be able to take middle rather quickly as allies. As axis playing left side i like to nade triangle like most rifles but as soon as 2 allied players get killed left side i push fast for allied car and not even concern myself with middle. Your heavies and right rifle should be more then enough to cap.



Well basically, on Argentan heavies need to play gay and cant really run around like on Anzio. So basically on allies your job at the start of the round is to get in the apartments and just gay and up and wait for their heavies to push in. Usually at the start of a round an axis heavy runs into kitchen and hides in the corner so just be ready when you decide to push out. I like to go into single window and just wait for one of the rifles to push right side of the map and I’ll pick them off if the rifle doesn’t. Once that person is down usually i go break/help cap mid. Then I just float between basement and 2nd flag building. On axis depending on my spawn I’ll either run into kitchen or hide in ticket waiting for them. I like to play aggressive on this side of the map so i rush the apartments every chance i get. If you are able to get the apartments and hold it the other team is basically screwed if your rifles on your team are somewhat decent [=.

Camping spot i like to use is the middle left corner behind the door or w/e that thing is on the floor. You can shoot the guys coming out of ticket to middle and it’s hard for them to see you.

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Buddy Lee (Sniper)

Argentan is THE prototypical “sniper map” for dods that CAL sees fit to use. Long distances, along with lots of junk to hide in and behind, make it one of the maps where a truly dominating sniper can almost singlehandedly win for his (or her) team. Let’s check it out.

On Allies:

Typically you’ll be posted on the rail side of the map off initial break. You have only a few options here. First you can hang out down by the train car itself and wait for their sniper to peek. You will most likely get into position before they will, combine that with all of the crap they’re going to have to pick you out of and you have a great chances at knocking the opposing sniper’s head off. Just watch out for rifle nades that their rifles will most definitely will be launching near you randomly.

Your other choice is double windows, which is another popular choice. You’ll have a better view of their train car area, but keep in mind that if you push here their sniper will already be in position. The advantage you have though is that they won’t know if you’ll be there or train car so you should be able to get the jump on them.

You can also help break mid from kitchen, but keep in mind they will probably have someone rush kitchen to make sure it is clear so be ready for that.

Once Allies have mid, you have a few options. You can snipe from the tire shack area, or tree, towards their first, or you can snipe down long street towards their second and help cap and hold it. Either method works well so it will probably depend on what your team members like to run individually. Maybe even switch it up to keep the other team guessing.

On Axis:

Most of the time you’ll be running train car area to tree or tire stack. This can be difficult because as mentioned earlier, the other sniper will get to their train quicker than you can get setup and you’ll have to peek them (or you can be one of those guys that sits and waits for everything to come to them). Also watch double windows, and the random nade that will be coming your way blindly. If you choose to go long street, you will have a bunch of different angles and routes/windows etc to watch so unless you’re getting completely dominated on train side I would avoid long street.

After your team caps mid you can continue to push up train to their second, you’ll just have to watch for enemies coming out of the second house along with random nades and snipers/rifles peeking around the corner to their second. Once you have their second you can push up around the corner to their train car and help support the push to the last flag or rush it yourself should you like.

Your other option is to either sit on mid flag and snipe kids running across the screen towards their first or up the APC route which is fun and very safe (you won’t get popped very often from this spot). You can also go far left or triangle and do the same sort of thing. Again, as always, switch up what you’re doing as often as possible because you know damn well in vent they’re calling out your position every time you snipe someone.

Rellie’s Nade Guide

European player Rellie has taken the time to do several different nade spots for many of the popular competition maps, and attached is his second compilation, which features several excellent nades for argentan.

Rellie’s Nade Guide


Ninja Spot of the Week

There are a bunch of good ninja spots on Argentan, some better known than others. The one that I chose this week is good for several reasons. You can get into there fairly easily without being spotted, and you are completely invisible to anyone doing a quick check or looking back.

The first pic shows the ninja, crouched by the entrance to the balcony. The best way is to face the two-house door so your weapon doesnt give you away. Like most ninja spots, you have to be patient – you may get shot without seeing your assailant.

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The second pic shows someone looking back towards the ninja spot. Like any other great ninja spot, it hides the player from everything but a thorough searching.

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And the final pic shows someone looking into the door of the two-house to balcony. Again, even looking at the extreme angle, the axis player cannot see the ninja.

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