IRC 101

This is what you need to know if you are willing to jump in the internet relay Chat World and explore “new oprtunities” uknown for you up until this very moment. This tutorial will help with setting up your mIRC Client and joining GameSurge IRC Network.

First step is to go to: and download the latest mIRC Client.

After you download the program install it. As soon as you do so open the program and most likely you will be asked to register. just wait a few and click OK each time. You can go on without registering it for years:) or you can be a 1337 h4x0r and get a keygen which is by no way the corect way of registering any products and I DO NOT recomend it.

This is what you should see after you click the OK button.

Fill in the blanks. No need for you to enter your REAL name or your REAL email address.

Next you need to select a server. something like that) is what you are looking for since this is the most used IRC Network by most NA gamers and league.

Ok, you’re ready to endeavor into the wild world of, but you have no where to go. You need to join channels in order to chat with other cyberathletes, or else you’ll be staring at the blank welcome screen to Gamesurge forever. You need to set up an account on gamesurge in order for you to authenticate yourself each time you connect. Most channels require you to be authenticated, and in order for you to gain any access (power) to channels, you must be auth’d.

Go to and click “Account Registration”. Follow the registration, etc. and wait for the email that will have your auth information. It will come in a form of the following:

/authserv auth name password

This here is the key in opening the magical doors that IRC has to offer.

Now that you have your auth information, we have to set it so that it automatically authenticates you whenever you connect to Gamesurge. While looking at your IRC, go to Tools, Options.

That cute little window will then pop up. Instead of going to Servers like when we picked the server we wanted to do, we want to chose Options.

Here you have some nifty little options you have at your disposal, but you can mess with them later. Right now we want to click “Perform…”

Make sure you check that little box “Enable perform on connect”, or else this whole process is rather pointless. In the blank box provided, type anything you want your IRC to automatically do whenever you connect. Whatever you put in there, make sure that your authserv command is the number one thing. It isn’t necessary, but your second command should be “//mode $me +x”. It isn’t needed, but this command hides your ip from people trying to get it.

After those two commands, you’ll want to type in any channels you’ll want to automatically connect to. Type them as “/join #channel” (channel being whatever channel you want to connect to). After you have everything, hit OK.

Well you are done and now can enjoy the world of IRC.

if you want to “pimp” your mIRC client there are tons of scripts and other IRC clients that you can use. Google can help you out with that.

Channel(s) that you should idle: