Lennon Tips

Week 4 of CAL brings us dod_lennon – a map that causes dods strategists to wet their pants in anticipation. This map is generally controlled by the apartments – as they can break both doubles. This puts a lot of emphasis on the heavies to hold their respective caps. There is always the question of to quick cap or not to quick cap, or to mexican hat dance long. Some teams will swear by the quickcap, others will prefer to b@it the other team – what do the pro’s say this week?

dmon (heavy)

Well im bad, we all know that. Moving on, Lennon can be completely dominated by a good heavy team. The apartments are your friends. As an allied heavy more often than not axis heavies will beat you to the punch but with a little bit of teamwork they can easily be pushed back. As a heavy i will normally push into the lower section and get the middle flag and work my way to stairs. While another heavy holds off any push from upper apartments. If the upstairs heavy can get a nade into the hole to double windows you can push up and add another nade on top of it. Your goal as heavies on allies should be complete domination of double windows and underpass area basically shutting off the entire map to the axis team.

I like to run a well quick cap which is going to take 4 or 5 players off of initial to do. DO NOT NADE CONNECTOR ON QUICK CAP, push a heavy into connector, other into double windows to stop any push from apartments, rifles get nades into upper tree and lower tree while capping. If done right can lead to a complete domination of the map, just make sure people rotate back to there normal spots at long and in apartments.

Also the spiral stairs on allies side of apartments are a great way to hold upper and lower apts as axis, just watch for the people entering apartments with primed nades.

Allies gay spot of the week:


Winters (rifle)

Lennon can be a rifles wettest dream or their worst nightmare. It all depends on your playing style and the route you are going to run. The good thing about Lennon is that all 3 routes are runnable so you should be able to find something that suits you. If your team just tells you to run a route and like it, you probably wont have much fun.

Karstars are going to love well. Wood floors in green halls means you can hear the enemy from tree. Listen for footsteps, check gay corners, and make your shots and you should succeed. The biggest downside to running well is that if your heavies can’t hold apartments, you are going to be on your heels for the whole match and forced to watch out for double window drops. If they can hold apartments you should be able to dominate the allied team and push out through connector or sit in tree room and take easy potshots near their spawn. We should see a bunch of 40s out of karstars.

Running well with a m1 or carbine is a lot less fun. The axis team gets to well first with better positioning and better weapons. The advantage you have is nades. Leaning the rifle nades from the nade guide is key to getting kills and making the axis work for theirs. It is very key to play as a team. Distract from one angle and kill from another. If you can get to upper green or the well area you’ll have a much easier time. Of course it is easiest if your heavies are able to push up to doubles and spam door.

Long. If you liked Argentan last week, you won’t have trouble here. Other than pointing out that the loft walls are wallable there isn’t much for tips. Be patient, make your shots, b@it for the sniper. Allies should try to push past axis loft and axis should try to get into lower apartments and spiral stairs. Otherwise there isn’t much of an advantage either way.

The optional but rarely run route is through apartments. If you are running them with a rifle you better have quick reaction times and be very good up close. You’ll get one shot at killing the heavy before they kill you. It is possible to run a m1 but you would need to be very confident, a carbine would be a better option. If you can pick up discarded heavies you’ll probably have an easier time in most situations.

Gunnergirl (sniper)

Off start on Axis either go to the ramp or the loft. Stay in a spot that isn’t seen by more than one angle to avoid being shot/having to watch many different directions. I usually start off by looking at the boxes and if I see nothing within a couple of seconds, I usually look at the loft. If you take both a rifle and a sniper down cap long and sit there to hold until well is taken.

If you think you’d be safe in apartments try running for the middle flag for a cap, if you think garden is safe and you have your rifle over there watching go in the apartments and spawn camp the allied spawn through the doorway while the rest of your team moves in from various other places.

One the defense I’d always recommend to try and keep the garden for as long as you can. If it gets taken, keep attempting to move back up for a re-cap with your rifle, you need at least a one double cap held to stay in it and garden would be easiest to defend.

If you’re going to the garden after a respawn to continue to hold it and the other team is trying to get the well, I would also recommend trying to stop the cap and just run to the underpass and see if you can snipsnip some faces. 8/10 it usually works because you will get there in time!

On allies off of initial go either to the sniper loft or the box but again, try not to make yourself too visible from more than 2 angles at most. Quick peeks work best and if you go against a sniper that is an ace, you may need some b@it, or try to attack them from a different angle…maybe try to move into apartments from the lower loft. Once you get garden, hold it momentarily if you feel a respawn is taking place by the opposite team and back up to the sniper loft. If it’s clear enough move into their loft or get on the ramp to snipe. If it’s clear enough try to secretly push into the L or to the axis stairs to attempt to spawn camp so your team can either cap the well or move to cap out.

Basically if you and your rifle partner have good chemistry/teamwork skills together it also can be used to your advantage. You’ll either be able to hold the cap until your teammate gets back or watch each others asses and hold either the axis or allied lofts and progressively push up. You definitely won’t be able to do it alone — unless the opposite team never goes to the garden or you’re playing a bunch of shitty kids.

If you work well together, you can definitely do some damage.


Be smart!

Fantastic Nades

Once again, Rellie has covered some awesome nades, which can be found here


Ninja of the Week

This weeks ninja is on the axis side. There are good ninja spots on both sides, but I feel that this is by far the best spot. If you can slide a player in before you cap the other double (usually the garden) cap, you will generally go un-noticed. The only reason anyone will ever pass by this spot is to check for ninja’s – and if scrims tell me anything, its that dods players are lazy. Most will not check this spot unless they see you ninja there.


Why would you look down? No reason – theres probably nothing there . . . but a ninja.


So good luck this week, practice your nades, slip in your ninja’s, and prone in your gay spots