Mumble: How to join a passworded channel

Beginning with Mumble 1.2, it is now possible to set access on channels based on “tokens” or “passwords”. Passwords are stored in a tokens list in the client for each server, with the client using them as needed. From this point forward, we will refer to channel passwords as “tokens” instead, for clarity.

Using an Access Token

You may add access tokens to your client by selecting “Access Tokens” from the “Server” menu. Click add, type the token (e.g. “letmein”) and click “OK”. It should take effect immediately, granting you whatever permissions are associated with that token group. Remember that tokens are passwords, so treat them as such; pick a token name that is unique and hard to guess.

There is a channel called “ChannelA” and this channel has a token/password set. You know that the token/password is “god123” so in this case all you need to do is Add a token and type “god123” and click ON.