[-TA-] and [-TA-]2 in TPG3v3 Upper/Lower Finals!!!

[-TA-] won their semi-final match against iCON. The Final scrore was 246-72. [-TA-] will be playing in TPG3v3 Upper finals against Sp|n. Here are the HLTV demo files from both rounds:
1st half HLTV demo
2nd half HLTV demo

[-TA-]2 won their semi-final match against NC by 197-52 and they are gonna be moving up to the TPG3v3 Lower finals. There they will face UiS.

GJ guys and good luck in the finals!

In other news both [-TA-] and [-TA-]2 teams won their TPG6v6 matches:
[-TA-] 321-183 g4n TPG6v6 Middle
[-TA-]2 576-235 TDR TPG6v6 Lower

GG and lets hope we do a good in the upcoming playoffs!