The big news post

Sorry for the delay between news posts but I ve been crazy busy so… Well lets ge on with it shell we.

In CAL week 2 on June 5th our tA. 1st team in M got one of the most homosexual FF losses thatnks to Niihlist and an “awesome” CAL rule. Well since we had 5 and Nihilist had 6 they decided to use that rule and go all women on us. So GJ with the FF win I bet you needed it.
Our cal-o team got their second win home after taking on vANSKAP who failed to show up so the FF goes to tA.2. The map for that week of CAL was rr2.

Now lets go over to TPG where on June 8th week 1 of regular season was on its way where tA. got an FF win against Assassinos and tA.2 did the same vs |MiSfIt|. So with that both teams started off TPG S19 win 1 and 0.
So after that Sunday TPG6v6 match night 3v3 followed on Monday. tA. played against tA.2 for the second week in preseason. tA.2 grabbed the win since tA. had some bsod issues. tA.3 on the other hand won against Number 1.

In CAL week 3 nothign happened since their website was down and matches were moved for next week. Figures…

The second week of TPG6v6 brought us a 348-28 win for tA. against Banana Picking Coalition and a loss for tA.2 against HOLOGRAPHIC CHARIZARD.

In the 1st week of regular season in TPG3v3 tA. and tA.2 both got wins and tA.3 got an FF loss that was total BS. thank you TPG admin for this one…

Week 3 for CAL finally happened on June 19 with a win from our cal m team and a rescheduled match by tA.2 in cal o.

“The outcome of the war is in our hands; the outcome of words is in the council.” – Homer