1st Win Ever?

Yeah, 1st Win ever for us in our 1st CAl-M regular season. The map was dod_railroad2_b2 and TA had no problems taking over and scoring 433 pts against 246pts for DtH?. With that we are 1 and 0 in CAl M Season 18. GJ guys! And here is what gotfrag had to say in their preds:
(source: http://www.gotfrag.com/dod/story/41487/?spage=2)

Did That Hurt? vs. Total Annihilation

Joel E.: Apparently TA is struggling in the early season. Or I think someone told me that. Anyways, they have that Mensen guy who is supposedly really good, but they no longer have chicagolegend who is also good. Mensen is paired with StrangeOzzy, a former CarCajou’r who has killed me real good in some pubs. Unfortunately, I don’t see them standing up to the rifle team of Danny strong and sh4rp the amazing Frenchie,. The apartment battle could be interesting, with corpsegrinder and chronic going against cigar and Rastaman. I’ve seen corpsegrinder do good in 12mans I think, but if he starts doing anything Rastaman will likely hit the deck and shut him down. CaffeineAddict will out snipe this Gooch guy and dth will likely keep a comfortable lead throughout the game.

Did that Hurt? > Total Annihilation (200 – 46)
Players to watch: CaffeineAddict and sh4rp

Joel W.: Caff *should* dominate Gooch, and considering Mensen and StrangeOzzy each tallied 70ish deaths last week, Danny and sharp should dominate them. If this was a scrim, Rasta and Cigar would probably not hold apartments against Corpse and Chronic, but they seem to have the same ACS allergies as the rest of the team. Railcar will be about how much platy dominates styxx and how much time he spends ninja’d in ticket/sniper loft (or prone dark box 4way).

Dth > TA by 7+ ACS Clients

Mike.: dth as a team probably play more dod than any other group of six people alive, and TA, well, the only person I recognize on their roster is Mensen, but I probably only recognize that name because of its relation to Mensen.

Dth > TA 160 – 40

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