The “real” deal…

Oct 28th is Week 5 dod_chemille and [-TA-] won over exiLe by 667 to 98. The final result says it all. With that win(4th in a roll) our record is 4-1 and our next opponent is GameShock.
In CAL last week and TPG3v3 finals nothign is clear yet. Two pending disputes are what we have so far to report for. With that said we move up to this weeks CAL match. No preds were done on us on gotfrag because this is considered to be an easy pick match. [-TA-] vs Merry Men on Thursday at 9pm est, HLTV will be on and broadcasting as always.
TPG3v3 Season 11 will be starting next week even though there is no TPG3v3 S10 Upper champ selected yet due to a dispute. Well thats TPGAC in full swing working around the clock! The map selected for the next Monday pre season week 1 is dod_smalltown.