20000 Hits and 0 for 3

As of today the taclan.net website reached over 20 000 hits! We are hoping to score double that count in the next year!

With that said 20000 hits did not help us to get out 3rd “L” in CAL-M. It was a close match against dpk on dod_lennon_b2. After winning 1st half with 210-138 we lost second half by a lil bit more and that resulted a 50 pts difference in the final result. TA 379-430 dpk. That makes us 0 and 3 even though we should’ve been at least 2 and 1 but we are starting to look better and that is what matters right now. Here are the gotfrag prediction for that match:
(source: http://www.gotfrag.com/dod/story/41667/)

Donkey PunchN Krew vs. Total Annihilation

Austin: Like all of the other matches so far, Mensen just simply cannot carry TA to a victory. This week will be even worse, when they have to play one of the most online teams around, the infamous dpk. Poizoned will be cheating well, along with pork, who I may note is one of the legit players on this team. Mensen will maybe make well somewhat difficult for dpk, but in the end won’t be able to do much being one of the only good players on TA. Long will be gooch sniping and styxx third rifling against Justin and netrolyxen, which will probably still be in dpk’s favor. The heavy’s for both teams have a huge skill gap, k4boom and stile will be way too much for chronic and corpsegrinder to handle. Overall this should be an easy win for dpk… Just watch out for disputes this time guys!

dpk > TA 375-80
Players to watch – Poizoned while he cheats, Justin cheating, K4boom cheating, Mensen.

Robert: I can assure dpk wants blood after last seasons CAL-open semifinals match, so TA had better be on the lookout. With a roster that couldn’t possible look better/more online (<3), poizoned will be dueling Mensen at well and what happens here will basically decide the match in my opinion. You can watch Justin de_story long, and stile lay down the poo poo in apts, but the only real fight is at well. Dpk takes home the revenge win.

Dpk > TA by 200
Players to watch: Mensen, poizoned, stile, Justin

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