1st official victory in CAL

The map was dod_anzio and TA plated against [SKULL] in week 4 for CAL M. Our guys had no problem scoring big and having control over the map. Final score 467-142. With that we achieved our “official” 1st cal m win. Witht hat we are 1 and 3 and next we are playing against ReMiX. Gotfrag had their official predicts made by some “official” dod “experts”. Here we go have a laugh:
(source: http://www.gotfrag.com/dod/story/41728/)

Total Annihilation vs. Skull Gaming

Larry: Battle at the bottom of the barrel. Skull has one loss, TA has 3. I think this gives TA more experience as far as learning how not to get rolled. I hear Mensen cheats, is good, and is bad. One of those 3 things is true, possibly 2, meaning he could carry, be inconsistent or be banned. Skull has a few players I recognize such as forzaz and grimace. If it’s the same [IAM]grimace, then he won’t be a problem for TA. Together with throwdown they could make plaza interesting though, and will probably outlast bridge. But overall TA’s rifles and Gooch on sniper will be too much for skull to gain any ground. TA gets it first win here.

Prediction: TA > Skull by 150-
Players to Watch: Mensen, gooch, forzaz

Robert: I’m sorry to say this might be one of the few chances skull has of getting a win in main, and I’m not sure if they’ll be able to do it. Chris will have to be spot on to defend against Mensen, and forzaz has to back him up as well as contain gooch, or skull has no chance. Plaza is going to be a hilarious thing to watch, if you remember chronic’s super amazing performance in the dpk match last cal-o season, skull should be able to beat them by just setting up casual prone crossfire and capping and moving on. Please win guys.

TA < Skull by a cap
Players to watch: Mensen, chris, forzaz, gooch, anyone prone at plaza

Andrew: Arguably the two worst teams in main are going at it on anzio this week. I would’ve said Twisted Dimensions but c’mon they have stile! :] Not much to say about these guys except for the fact that skull is a bunch of washed up players who never all that good, but they do have THROWDOWN who was on the infamously online team known as iCON. TA has a good heavy team, considering they made stile go negative last week LoL, and Mensen is a very capable rifle, in the context of this match.

TA by over 100
Players to watch: Mensen

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