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[-TA-]2 and [-TA-]3 were both able to sweep their opponents where [-TA-] struggling once again with its roster problems and lost badly in TPG3v3. In IGL-C the [-TA-] team demonstrated great teamwork and came on top. With this the regular season is over and our record is 4-4. Lets hope […]

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Yep! I have a bunch of them waiting for you to enjoy `em. + new improved Stream [i]Radio player! + custom dod1.3 map section fixed(still needs a few fixes) + new gallery section(i m still working on bridging it) Still to come: – lots of small and big fixes to […]


[-TA-] 116-135 LP in round 4 of the CAL theta lower playoffs. It was a gg and too bad that we were unable to hold our flags second half. It was a great CAl season and we beat all the odds and the predictions finishing with a record of 8-4 […]

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