Leagues info..

[-TA-] 116-135 LP in round 4 of the CAL theta lower playoffs. It was a gg and too bad that we were unable to hold our flags second half. It was a great CAl season and we beat all the odds and the predictions finishing with a record of 8-4 and almost winning that rr2 match. Here are the prediction off gotfrag(source:http://www.gotfrag.com/dod/story/38857/)

[#14] Total Annihilation vs [#28] Llama Patrol

ThatsRight: Ta would have to be the biggest surprise of this seasons playoffs. They are 8-3 and beat handicap by close to 200 points to get to this point. With that being said their season is over this week. I don’t see them moving past a Llama Patrol team that played in Omega all season and this match happens to be on one of the best maps in the game. Since TA didn’t want to be helpful at all lets just say that someone is going somewhere with each type of class. Interesting I know. I would expect smokey tomb to have apartments most of the match while Sacred should drop bombs on rr2 with a sniper. I wouldn’t expect Rambizzle and co on the rifles to have much trouble with TA’s inexperienced lineup. Easy win here. Prediction – Llama Patrol over Total Annihilation 345-24

cLouTieR: Theres not much to say about this match to be honest. Llama Patrol is an Omega division team that was dropped down to the Theta playoffs, where as TA is a relatively unknown team with little experience but filled with heart. They have managed to overcome some pretty big odds in the last few weeks defeating both Random and Amigos, teams that should have beaten them based on experience. TA’s only loss this post season came from the power house team Iron Hymen. But this cinderella story is about to come to an end for TA – expect Sacred to control middle with ease and LP’s rifles run wild over the map. Prediction – Llama Patrol over Total Annihilation 400-50

In IGL our 6v6 team won its match against qtk on donner. Now we are 3 and 2 in center tier.
In TPG3v3 [-TA-]2 won against mlk! and the other team was not oo happy about it:) [-TA-]3 got their 1st win these season but it was an ff since the other team was too afraid to play them and left:)) TPG3v3 regular season starts this coming Monday and its nice to see that [-TA-]2 made it to the upper bracket! GG guys. GL in week1 to all [-TA-] teams.
TPG6v6 is …nobody knows whats going up. Seems like playoffs are over but there are no news on their website. Figures…