3 wins and a loss x2

Starting off with CAL’s match last week our M team was able to take the win. Starting off with 3 all caps H2O took control early in the game but the Argentinians were not ready for 2nd half where our boys dominated them and won the match. The final result was 341 to 299 for tA. and the map of choice in this week 5 was dod_anzio. With that we are heading towards week 6 with 3 wins and 2 losses.
In TPG6v6 this Sunday we played yet another South American team. They were no match for our undefeated TPG-M team who got their 5th win in a roll. Map for this week 5 in TPG was dod_lennon_b2.
On Monday in 3v3 our 1st team ended up its winning streak with a loss against CaC. Map was dod_kalt_3v3_b1 and our team made a bunch of mistakes causing them the game. With that tA. is 3 fo1 and is moving on to week 5. Our second team in TPG3v3 made no mistakes and dominated TF|. With that tA.2 are 3 and 1 and looking good going into week 5. Our 3rd team got an FF loss and is looking pretty bad with 0 for 4 record and constant roster problems.

“We make war that we may live in peace.” – Aristotle