Match results are here

In CAL last Thursday our Main team ended up loosing to another “easy to hit and register on” South American team that goes by the name Exigence. The map was dod_solitude_b2 and we won 1st half but ended up loosing 2nd and the match with that. Our record since that defeat is 2 for 2 and we are looking forward to this week match on anzion where our guys will be facing H2O Gaming.
Our cal-o team in their last match for CAL last Thursday took an easy win against Ev0lution. That was another South American team that lacked much skills and registry too. With that our second team in Open finishes its short lived life in CAL with the record of 4 and 0.

In TPG Mid last Sunday tA.s 1st team destroyed Sterling on anzio and continues its winning streak with 4 to nothing.

And this last Monday in TPG3v3 our tA.2 team managed to get its 1st lost in 2 seasons or something like that:) against no other but tA. 1st team. It was a close match but the dod gods were on the 1st team side. The map was tiger2_b2 and tA. is moving to the next reg season week with a record of 3 and 0 where tA.2 is 2 for 1.

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