And the results are in

Starting off with Sundays TPG6v6 week 3 our tA. 1st team went over dgf like a drunk truck driver over a trailer park. The result was 116 to 43 and the map was solitude_b2. tA. is so far 3 for 3 wins and 0 losses. On the other hand our tA.2 team managed to get the big L after BSOD and a last minute cap brought you by H.O.G. With that poor performance tA.2 is now 1 for 2.

Following TPG6v6 Sunday was the TPG3v3 week 2 Monday night where rise above got an FF loss due to the fact that they failed to show up and play against tA. after they pooled that BS FF win against tA.3 last monday. Oh well tA. 1st team is now 2 and 0 and has no actual win so far…Our 2nd team and 2 times defending 3v3 champs demolished k-2 on rennes_b2 with a score of 406 to 46. With that they are 2 and 0 in reg season and still unbeaten after last season or the season before that…boooring:) but yeah they pretty much own. And now its time to review tA.3 performance on Monday that was dictated by missing one and going 2 on 3 against identity. That resulted in a loss for our 3rd team and a 0 and 2 record.

“We have war when at least one of the parties to a conflict wants something more than it wants peace.” – Jean Kirkpatrick