CAL-o Pred week 5

CAL-o Predictions week 5 dod_solitude_b2
uknown:~ vs. [-TA-]
Thursday 9pm est.

Tough match ahead of us but as we all agree thats the real deal. So lets the better team win.
And here is what gotfrag had to say about this match:

unknown :~ vs. Total Annihilation

[X-Spider] unknown :~ < Total Annihilation (72 – 86)

This match is going to be fairly intense mainly at the garden and mid areas due to the intense sniper battle that will come from the rifles from both teams. unknown’s Silly Hand will single handedly give TA’s mensen and styxx a run for their money at the garden area, while he is backed by Storm from the tower and mid-house. We can expect TA’s chronic and eyeless to battle it out against the Brazilian heavies, bud and lesau, at the 2-man cap. ChicagoLegend will be an all-around player in this match, and will easily support his teammates when they need him the most. I personally believe Solitude_b2 is an Axis-sided map, and will definitely be very low-scoring if the rifles from these two teams step it up. I think TA’s trio of rifles will easily hold their ground all around the map, alternating to different areas, as necessary. I give this to Total Annihilation by a few points.

[DustiN] Unknown < TA

TA has been a presence in TPG IGL and CAL now. With their addition of chicagolegend to the team they are one of the best lower tier teams in CAL O. Unknown has a lot of players that played CAL IM a few seasons back on teams like Maliteam. Due to the ping difference and just teamwork, TA should have no problem taking this match. Players to watch are Chicagolegend and Bud.

[Till] Unknown > TA by 100+

These are two teams that are still trying to prove that they are upper-open teams that can hold there own and even beat the best in open. Expect SillyHand to completely dominate whichever route he goes with lag shots and the like. TA will hold their own at double cap because Chicagolegend will drop 40 both halves, but I don’t see them winning the sniper battle because laggy brazilian snipers don’t get hit. Ever.