CAL week 4

CAL-o week 4 is approaching fast and we are going against ReMiX on Thursday at 10pm est. HLTV will be up and running and the predictions are here too:

Total Annihilation vs. ReMiX

[X-Spider] Total Annihilation < ReMiX (92 – 126)

It took at least 13 seasons for Total Annihilation to realize that IGL is the worst league out there. Now in their third season of CAL, they want to push their record to a 3-1 standing. On the other hand, Team ReMiX is one of the many teams in the OMG franchise. Both teams have played CAL-O caliber teams during the first three weeks, and the winner of this match would be a contender for an IM position (IF there was an IM, of course).

I think that styxx, mensen, and chicagolegend will attempt to make a hard push at the tank, only to be welcomed by Greetz, kami, and Refused’s grenades. The battle at the back alley shall be between styxx and Greetz. I don’t see styxx making a push unless Greetz peeks first, which means that Greetz will have the ability to alternate to the tank while styxx waits for his push. I was able to play against RmX.Rampage last night, and for a heavy that is just learning the game, I think he has potential to keep the bunker on lockdown for most of the match, with Mark’s aid. I can’t recall if TA has a good sniper, but I knowing they are too focused on their 3v3 league, they will not be used to using a sniper rifle. The battle between the rifles will be the deciding factor of this match. I say ReMiX will capture once in the entire match, and the tank will be held by both teams throughout the match. ReMiX by a few.

[DustiN] Total Annihilation > Remix (50+ points)

As for TA losing one of their players for not running cal-ac, this should not pose a problem as TA has drafted Chicagolegend from osk to be their starting rifle. With both teams doing fairly well this season, I will give the upper hand to TA in this match. We will be seeing rampage and I complain about rates “ali” doing all the work in the bunker for remix, I believe these two should be able to hold bunker for a long period of time. As for TA their rifle team consisting of Chicagolegend and bumRu$h should have no problem what so ever to control middle. I predict TA will take this 50+ points.

[Austizzle] TA > Remix (150-50)

TA having a pretty good roster this season should have no problem at all taking the mid cap. Players such as chicago legend, styxx, menson, and gooch will dominate mid against remix’s rifles. The heavying may go either way, slaya and possibly evil reid will be going bunker for remix, which may give a slight advantage to remix. However, as long as TA’s mid team can hold it down, TA will be able to take this without too much of a sweat, regardless of how good remix’s bunker team may be.