Random goes down?!?! What now?

[-TA-] 370 > Random 206
Our record is 8-3 now and we are moving on in the CAL Theta lower playoffs

Next match is against LLama Patrol on Thursday at 9pm est. HLTV will be up and running again!

Here are the gotfrag predictions about this nights match:
Source URL: http://www.gotfrag.com/dod/story/38807/

[#11] Random vs [#14] Total Annihilation


TA will get their second loss and their season will be over. Zoltan and Bobson will have factory on lockdown but Styx from TA may put up a fight. Snuggz will be at underpass but I think handicaps heavies will keep him in check. On such a classic map that rewards teamwork, communication, and overall fragging power, handicap will have this easily. They move on to play lama patrol Prediction – Random over Total Annihilation 235-56


Everyone must be asking “How in the world is Total Annihilation still in the playoffs?” Well, some credit must be given to TA’s styxx for carrying his team fairly deep into the playoffs. Mensen is a gift of God and will provide good assistance to TA’s rifles at the factory. Of course, this will not be enough to stop handicap’s dilliard and zoltan at the factory. Bobson will be all over the place causing havoc, but will not need to visit the underpass much because trainman and raider will easily have the underpass under their control. Expect trainman to lead the autos in kills, and bobson will just as easily lead the rifles. Prediction – Random over Total Annihilation 636-80