[-TA-] Match Status

The news will be updated weekly or as need be for certain announcements, so check back periodically.

[-TA-]1 TGG3v3 unfortunately lost with 317-356 against Section8. [-TA-]2 TPG3v3 won with 280-125 against The Forgotten Patrol. [-TA-] 3 received a forfeit win. Next weeks map dod_strom_b3.

IGL [-TA] won on dod_donner on Mon, Dec, 4. It was difficult to meet our bullets with them due to their high latency (200ms) although we pulled through and got the victory.

Last week in CAL-IM we fought hard although we came short in kills the score 156-429 for substandard. Next in line for this Thursday is Soldiers of Solidarity.