[-TA-] News & Match Details

New private: Server IP

The new improved private server is rented from Velocity Servers $35 a month. More frags and less lagging. All CAL & TPG configs have been uploaded. Some maps may have to be uploaded. TPG 3v3 dod_square2 is on the server and dod_railroad is on the server for CAL 6v6 this week.

Sunday in TPG 6v6 we went up against madeUrage on dod_aleutian. We took our first victory of the new season, 289-184. IGL 6v6 we got a forfeit win on Monday December 11th. [-TA-]1 TPG3v3  unfortunately lost against Sp3c|aLisT, 69-229.  [-TA-]2 won against Polarity, 18-369. [-TA-]3 won  against NeO|GoD, 18-337.