The Match results are in!

Well both [-TA-] teams lost their TPG3v3 upper and lower finals.
[-TA-] < Sp|n Upper Finals: After us 1st capping on them we though that its all over…
[-TA-]2 < UiS Lower Finals: We won the 1st half but didn’t manage to keep the needed points for a win.
GG to both [-TA-] teams. We had a great season and lets hope that we ll make finals the next one too.

People say that payback is a bitch:) and they are absolutely correct. In our CAL upper playoffs match the [-TA-] team won against Sp|n(consisted of Sp|n and UiS guys). It was a well played match from both sides and the final score was: 440 – 262 After that win our record goes up to 6-2 and next we are facing Iron Hymen. GG guys and keep up the good work.