TPG match results…

In TPG both of our Upper and lower team managed to get a lost. Our Upper team lost against nihilist and right now there is a pending dispute. With that they are record is 1 and 5. Our 2nd mid team got an ff win and a makeup right away vs sbxx//. We had control over the map the whole time but for the last 3 min of the 2nd half. That way they lost by 257 to 310. Our record in TPG Mid is 1 and 4.
In TPG3v3 the last pre-season week 3 was played on dod_kalt_3v3_b1. TA1 faced TA2 and got a win over them. Finals score 176 to 140 for TA1. A little pay back for last season finals. With that TA1 is 3 and zip and TA2 is 2 for 1. TA3 got their 1st win in pre-season winning against Rize Above and TA4 lost against oot`. Both TA3 and 4 finished the pre-season map rotation with 1 and 2 record.
TPG3v3 S12 regular week 1 starts coming Monday with dod_snowtown.

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