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For better or worse or maybe just because of the simple fact that Mumble is what the “cool kids” use nowadays we are moving on to one of those “bad boy” VoIP servers/application. Mumble is different than Ventrilo but it is not that complicated to use. So we are going […]

Mumble it is!

The Issue: For the curious among you, this issue is caused by the new network throttling code Microsoft first introduced into its operating system with Windows Vista SP1. Because multimedia programs require more resources, the Windows networking stack implements a throttling mechanism to restrict the processing of non-multimedia network traffic […]

Mumble: How to Fix Ping Spikes in Win7/Vista

Beginning with Mumble 1.2, it is now possible to set access on channels based on “tokens” or “passwords”. Passwords are stored in a tokens list in the client for each server, with the client using them as needed. From this point forward, we will refer to channel passwords as “tokens” […]

Mumble: How to join a passworded channel