CAL victory #2

Ok, lets start from CAL-M. Well our team kicked some ass and got us a second win in a roll. Match was against ReMiX who lost by 64 to 48. Map was “holdmiddle” donner and our record improves with 2 to 3. Next match will be against GI on “harry” and it will be although battle. But before that I would like to introduce another set of “glorious” gotfrag predictions.

Total Annihilation vs. ReMiX

Matt: Well a couple of weeks ago I would of said TA would have this one down, but ReMix seem to have somehow got Joey Harter on board so he will no doubt be dropping bombs, and i dont expect to see him trying to pull cpl ninjas he should go all out on a frag-fest and with ex-euro cheaterface himself Crick heading the rifles for remix, I really dont see TA standing much of chance, of course look for my homeboy Mensen to drop some high numbers while the rest of his team dies around him, and while gooch just camps corners at his second flag for the whole match. Can’t see remix having too much trouble, but if TA can get a good start they may be able to rack up a few points. Bunker I hear some Mark guy from remix is quite the beast so I’m guessing he should make light work of corpse and chronic. Remix will be looking to continue the trend of making light work of substandard and finish off TA.

Remix > TA – 1 maybe 2 caps depending whether Joey Harter is trying or Crick is cheating.

Jeff: Remix has joey and TA has a bunch of people no ones ever heard of. This is indeed a tough one… O wait. Remix recently defeated a slightly less washed up substandard (Is that a valid claim?) and TA beat bye who Im assuming was skull or something. Long story short Remix is going to violate TA’s anal passage with a vicious intensity that has not been seen since the last time chicagolegend was left alone in a room with anyone who pings above 150.

players to watch: Joey “Im going to wreck everyone in main for no reason” Harter
remix > ta by 75

Ryan: Here we have a faceoff of 2 lower tier cal main teams who will both be carried by key players from both sides. The key players on the TA team consist of mensen who is the best rifle right now, and gooch who is a pretty good sniper, both these guys will work to hold off the middle which we know from donnertH is the most important spot on the map. Remix will throw in joey harter, being on salary from mr. klimas, to counteract the jesusness of mensen who is infact Jesus. Over all this match will consist of what 2 players will be better off at holding mid for the team and that’s all that matters.

Remix by 40
Players to watch mensen, joey harter, gooch

Kyle: This matchup brings TA, sporting a 1-3 record, coming off of an impressive win against BYE against a ReMiX team which has started slowly this season. On snipers we will have TA’s Gooch, who is a pretty good sniper going up against Rampage. I see this as an even matchup, but middle will come down to the rifles. It will be up to mensen (aka Jesus Christ) to try and hold Joey “sevEN” Harter in middle. I don’t see this happening as Mr. Harter will frag everything he sees. Bunker will come down to whichever team’s uniforms are dirtier. ReMiX takes this fairly easily.

ReMiX by 30+
Players to watch: Mensen, Gooch, Joey Harter


“I will ignore all ideas for new works on engines of war, the invention of which has reached its limits and for whose improvements I see no further hope.” – Erich Fromm