Daily Archives: March 13, 2008

In TPG6v6 our Upper team managed to loose against THUNDER. Its been a though season considering that most of the teams in TPG6v6 Upper are cal i teams. We are 1 and 6 at the bottom along side osk. In TPG6v6 Mid our second team got a win against |MisFiT|. […]

TPG6v6/3v3 results

Ok, lets start from CAL-M. Well our team kicked some ass and got us a second win in a roll. Match was against ReMiX who lost by 64 to 48. Map was “holdmiddle” donner and our record improves with 2 to 3. Next match will be against GI on “harry” […]

CAL victory #2

Thanks to my “wonderful” webhosting company everything was gone in a day with no notice. What sucks is not the money but the content. Oh well with a new quality webhosting and lots of work most of the content of the website is being restored as we speak. User account […]

Website downtime…