TPG6v6/3v3 results

In TPG6v6 our Upper team managed to loose against THUNDER. Its been a though season considering that most of the teams in TPG6v6 Upper are cal i teams. We are 1 and 6 at the bottom along side osk.
In TPG6v6 Mid our second team got a win against |MisFiT|. Score was tA. 241-174 MisFiT on dod_railroad2_b2. We move towards week 8 with a record of 2 to 4. In that next weeks match we are facing vassar boys. Lets hope they wont gather their starters against us:) It will be a fair fight on dod_solitude and a close match.
With TPG6v6 covered we move on to 3v3. The new regular season 12 started with 3 tA. wins and 1 loss.
tA. had no problems going over Northsquad3 on showtown with a final score of 577-34.
tA.2 had little to none problems with Team Presidio proning by their 1st of start. The final score was tA.2 396 and TP 55.
tA.3 lost their match due to roster problems once again. They got man handled by Q.T. Killzone by 14 to 659. Roster changes are in motion and hopefully tA.3 will no longer be the black sheep.
Our new tA.4 team got a very confidence booster win over Elite [Ass]assins. Our guys scored 282 pts to only 190 pts from -|EA|-.

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