Week 4 of CAL brings us dod_lennon – a map that causes dods strategists to wet their pants in anticipation. This map is generally controlled by the apartments – as they can break both doubles. This puts a lot of emphasis on the heavies to hold their respective caps. There […]

Lennon Tips

Tales from the Tip Jar : Argentan After a brief intermission, I am back to bring you another round of tips. This time for the DoD:S standard map, Argentan. Allied soldiers under General Patton are attempting to capture the town of Argentan and close the Falaise pocket to cut off […]

Argentan Tips

Writen by: Ben “Klown” Ross **As with all my Tweaks and Tip, I HIGHLY recommend you backup your Day of Defeat : Source folder or atleast your cfg folder and ALL its contents (Not just the .cfg files). I am not responsible for anything you mess up even if you […]

Launch Options

Here is a very helpful Rate & Cmdrate tutorial that I found: Hi my name is bloke and I’m from Holland and I’ll try to explain how rate’s And network in relation to the game works for hl1 and hl2 (Source) related games First of all we have a number […]

Rate & Cmdrate

These are some of the anti-malware programs that I, and others I know, have used and are free and successful. It is a good idea to have more than one anti-spyware tool, and to run virus/spyware scans every few days. ——————————– Anti-Spyware AVG Anti-Spyware tool ( Spybot Search and Destroy […]


This is an excerpt from a member of the 29th Infantry Division on internet security. All credit and respect should go to the 29th ID. ————————————— wrote … Here is a list of the programs that I use to ensure that my computers are secure: Spybot Search & Destroy ( […]

Internet Security