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CoD4 News

A sick CoD4 Promod frag movie I stumbled upon. Here is a short description: “Beware of Sharks is a Team Movie featuring Sharks With Lasers pitted against various Malaysian and Asian CoD4 Promod teams. It includes frag clips from various local LAN events all the way up to the recent […]

Beware of Sharks Movie

[quote=TWL]TWL: CoD 4: NA – 5v5 Hardcore SD Season 7 league will be starting the week after Thanksgiving – Dec 1 at 930 est. This extra week will give teams who lack the minimum of 5 members to shanghai some.[/quote] So get ready for another season of CoD4 HC SD […]

TWL HCSD Season 7

BestBuy Dev chat with IW regarding MW2 was held a few days ago and BashandSlash covered it on their site. Here is what they gathered: [quote=BashandSlash]Lowlights from the BestBuy Dev chat with IW regarding MW2: * Dedicated server questions were greeted by being escorted out of the chat. * Max […]

Latest on MW2

Here is the latest on MW2 from bashandslash and it aint good… [quote=BashandSlash]BASH 123: Pwnt! Written by jockyitch Saturday, 17 October 2009 Rob Bowling, community manager (Gamer / Geek / Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward…as he says on his Twitter page) at Infinity Ward was kind enough to join our […]

MW2 …