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CAL-o Predictions week 5 dod_solitude_b2 uknown:~ vs. [-TA-] Thursday 9pm est. dod_solitude_b2 HLTV: Tough match ahead of us but as we all agree thats the real deal. So lets the better team win. And here is what gotfrag had to say about this match: (source: unknown :~ vs. […]

CAL-o Pred week 5

Great teamwork and solid play is what our TPG6v6 mid team demostrated and we were able to take over solitude against pr0wned. The final score was [-TA-] 181-20 pr0wned. With that important ” behind our backs be climb up on top of our group with 3 to 1 record. In […]

Great teamwork…

Another win for our CAL team on donner was brought to us after ReMiX decided to rely on their voice_negative skills. The final result was [-TA-] 171-38 ReMiX even though ReMiXes finest AllistarHennessy said “ReMiX > Total Annihilation I could win this by my self.” I guess he felt short […]

Another one..

CAL-o week 4 is approaching fast and we are going against ReMiX on Thursday at 10pm est. HLTV will be up and running and the predictions are here too: (source: Total Annihilation vs. ReMiX [X-Spider] Total Annihilation < ReMiX (92 – 126) It took at least 13 seasons for […]

CAL week 4

[-TA-] managed to pull a twofer on [K-2] in TPG6v6 and 3v3 in last couple of days. In TPG6v6 mid our team did a great job on donner holding the mid and getting their k:d ratios up in the 80%. The final score was 73 to 43 for us. With […]

Match results…

Yeah been a while since I ve posted anything. Well let me get down to business. In CAL we won our 1st 3 matches ([-TA-] 463-212 -187th-, [-TA-] 840-15 [RH], [-TA-] 1201-99 ArepaGaming) and we got the match against [RH] overturned because one of our guys ran his ACC after […]

About time…